Are you getting WordPress 401 error while trying to login to your WordPress website? do you want to fix wordpress 401 errors? Don’t worry in this post I explain simple ways to fix wordpress unauthorized error. The error message something like this :


This server could not verify that you are authorized to access the document requested. Either you supplied the wrong credentials (e.g., bad password) or your browser doesn’t understand.

How to fix WordPress 401 Error ?

1. If you tried too many invalid login attempts then your IP may be blocked. So the first thing i recommend before troubleshooting anything is to change your IP address.

By Enabling the flight mode for a few minutes on mobile devices or switching off the router for a few minutes will assign new IP address. Now clear the cache and cookies and try.

2. Restart your Computer if the above method didn’t help you.

3. If you think it is occurring because you have installed any security plugin and locked out yourself. Change the Name of the plugin folder like wp-fence to wp-fence_old , etc.

4. If the above steps didn’t worked then temporarily change the name of plugins folder or theme folder.

  • Go to file manager via Cpanel or connecting FTP
  • Now goto public_html or the folder where you installed WordPress.
  • Open wp-content folder. Now you will see plugins folder and theme. Rename the folder of plugins or theme respectively to see it is working or not.

5. If you are using Cloudflare or you are seeing the error with Cloudflare then

  • Sign in to Cloudflare account.
  • Go to caching Tab and purge the cache.
  • Or Pause the Cloudflare temporarily.

6. If nothing works then hire us so we will troubleshoot and fix your issue as soon as possible.